B2B sales are often complex. We make it easy!

Incinque helps its clients connect to the right customer segments and decision-makers. We help our clients increase their revenue growth and enhance sales productivity by setting up the required appointments and providing end-to-end services necessary for exponentially multiplying Sales bandwidth. We bring you a team of industry experts across each of our services which brings unparalleled sales bandwidth, the right strategy, and Sales campaigns that directly result in revenue generation.

▨ Key Decision Makers
Identifying the right set of people responsible for making the final decisions
Creating an in-depth prospect profile
Information from social networks, business community sites, and other relevant sources
▨ Special C-suite access
No limitation on the level of executives we can identify for you - C, V & D level
▨ Strategic meetings
Setting mission-critical appointments with the top executives
Sales intelligence report
Full report on needs, challenges, and plans of the prospect company
▨ After Meeting Support
MOMs, next action plan, follow-ups, and lead nurturing

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We usually reply within 24 hours