Core Values

Core Values

From the time of our inception. we integrated six core values that we refuse to let go of.


Incinque is now an operations leader with employee strength of almost 100, has international presence and is ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001 certified. The leadership team 's rich experience in technical support and service industry enables them to probe deep into the client 's requirements and provide comprehensive solutions.


We are mindful of a competitive environment and the need to exceed our customers' expectations.We train our staff constantly under your guidance/excellence. We like to quantify excellence by showing improvement in CE & NPS.


For a lot of businesses, the desire to succeed overpowers the need to be honest and upfront in their dealings. At Incinque, the integrity of conducting business resounds with our policy of building partnerships for a lifetime.


Nothing gives us a bigger high than working in tandem with our clients, aiming to achieve common goals. We derive positive vibes through collaborations, thereby multiplying our efforts and pushing to achieve incredible results. Concerted hard work and mutual support garner greater success than a one-way approach.


Marching ahead with time, we absorb the latest in technology to innovate novel ideas and solutions. It is one of the reasons that keeps us charged with the urge to discover hitherto unseen grounds.


When it comes to delivering results, we prefer to be on our toes. We align our processes to change business landscapes under your guidance.