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Optimize your U.S. Logistics With us

Incinque team has access to all tools required for fulfilling any requirement in relation to Logistics. We find the best possible rates/quotes and match it with the Shipper’s offered price.

Services Offered-Logistics

Freight broking encompass the technology, experience, human resources and knowledge utilized to facilitate effective, efficient and expeditious coordination between carriers and shippers and ensure goods are delivered on time and in good shape.

Dispatch - We handle the core of Dispatch management, that involves the terms of shipment and payment terms that go through the insurance requirements follow by all other checks and balances.

Drayage- We take care of the goods delivered at the port and that need to be transported to nearest / suitable destination at a given time. Avoiding any monetary losses

INCINQUE'S network of global and regional shipping services serves ports of call in over 120 countries around the world.

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